Walking in Memphis in High Heels: Little Blue House Part 2 + Lora's Ginormous Giveaway!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Blue House Part 2 + Lora's Ginormous Giveaway!

Happy Friday ladies! I'm going to apologize right now, but I've been up for 4 hours straight sick. I think I have food poisoning and am in the bed sick. Luckily I already had all these pictures ready to go. I'm sorry that I won't be writing much more than this since I'm doing it all from my iPhone, and I won't be giving all the details on these pictures, but they include the master bedroom, master bathroom and our backyard (concrete.) I also threw in a few pictures from this week. If you want to see more of my house, you can check out my Little Blue House Part 1 post. Also I'm linking up with Ashlee and Andrea. Please enter Lora's big giveaway that I'm participating in! I hope everyone has a great day, and check back because I will have some great giveaways next Monday and Wedneaday that you won't want to miss. Hopefully I'll be feeling better next time and will have more to say. : )

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  1. LOVE the orange and green bedspread! Found you on FFF and I can't wait to read more!

  2. Aww! Hope you feel better!
    Your house is so cute.
    And with your awesome sauce style, it looks incredible!
    I love your bed frame, jealous you have 2 sinks in your bathroom, and totes wanna hang out on your concrete back yard!!
    So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks great! Love the color of your siding!! Our house was supposed to be a color closer to that but they told us it was not available at the last minute and we had to do a light grey..... And feel better girl!!!

  4. Everything looks fantastic I seriously love all the green accents you have added! You have great taste and your house alone is stunning even without all of your fantastic design elements you added. Thanks for sharing!! ALSO thank you SOOO much for adding our button to your blog for the link up your way too sweet!
    Have a great weekend and I hope you get feeling better soon poor thing

  5. will you come decorate my house please?! thanks. Hope you feel better!

  6. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    I love that master bedroom! And your entire house for that matter!

  7. I hope you feel much better today!! Love all the greens in your house and backyard. And I love yalls tall windows, great natural light. Did yall do any painting or was it already those colors when you moved in?

  8. Oh I feel terrible! I was up tweeting you while you were being sick! Also, your house is so adorable. I can't wait to get our own place so I can go DIY insane! (:

  9. I'm obsessed with your outdoor setup! It's so inviting and comfy! It will be perfect for grilling out and having company when it warms up outside. :)

  10. Such a cute house :) I went out an bought the neutrogena lip balm last night - your right, it's so good! im making a reference in my blog today, I hope that is alrigth :)

  11. Thank you so much for linking up with Ashlee and myself for Follow Friend Friday! Your little blue house is soooo cute! I am in love with your screened patio. You truly did a fabulous job decorating! I hope you feel better soon girl, and I look forward to more posts.



  12. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I would probably nearly kill myself walking into your bed frame. HAHA!

  13. Hope you're feeling better soon! As much as I like the rest of your house, I'm in love with your patio :-) and your pups ;-)

  14. great pictures I love your bedspread!

    found your blog from fff & started following :)


  15. I love all the green! Your house is so cute!

  16. I love getting to see your house.

    I hope that you feel better quickly!

  17. Your house is so pretty. Love the Pink Floyd added in with the other pictures on the staircase shelves.

  18. Beautiful... Come and decorate mine!


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