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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Go To Outfit

Good morning...I mean afternoon ladies!!  I'm so sorry that I'm behind today, but I was doing a guest post for my SIL Lindsey today.  It's on spring colors and bikinis, so be sure to check it out here!  Work and grad school have been kicking my butt lately.  Only 98 more days until I'm out of school for the summer, but the heck's counting?  Sometimes I don't have as much time as I want to really pick out a good, new, creative outfit to wear for the day.  Somedays I just want to pick something up that I already know "works."  Everyone has that go to outfit that they wear, and I'm no exception.  Mine would definitely be a blouse, usually 3/4 sleeves, silk preferably, skinnies, 5 inch peep toe pumps, a couple bracelets and my favorite Coach bag.  In the winter, I'll throw on a great infinity scarf too.  In the summer, I'll change it up by pairing this with a cute pair of lace or scalloped silk shorts and sandals or flip flops.  I think I just got a little excited just at the mention of the work FLIP FLOPS.  They aren't fancy, but they sure do mean it's summertime, and that is reason enough to wear them all summer long.  Do you have a go to look that has become your uniform?   

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Parker Blue Silk Blouse.  Sold out, but similar splurge here for $198 and steal here on sale for $12.50.
Citizens of Humanity Thompson Cropped Skinny Jeans.  $170.10 with code JESSICASTYLE.  Last seen here.
Banana Republic Nude Studded Belt.  Old, but similar one on sale here for $20.66.
J. Crew Enamel Bracelet.  Old, but similar one here for $88.
BCBG Nude Pump. Old, but very similar pair here for $62.99. 

My friend Elisha and I.  We went out for her husband's 30th birthday!  Uh oh, that means mine will be here in 5 short months.  Apparently we have the same favorite look - silky blouse and skinnies.  = )  

Remember the giveaway I had a couple of weeks ago for the Stella & Dot earrings?  Well, Rachel from Front Row Seat won them.  Doesn't she look gorgeous in them?!  She is one of the first bloggers I met when I started a couple of months ago, and she lives in the Memphis area too.  Please check out her blog when you get a chance.

Helene in Between


  1. love the silky blouse & color. Happy Tuesday lady!

  2. I have the same Coach aviators & absolutely love them! They were a birthday present from my mom last summer & are my fave. I love that they're neutral so I can put them on with anything.

  3. Cute outfit! I love the color of your top!

  4. I just have to say that you mentioning your heels reminded me of the time that we went to the cornmaze and you freaking wore heels!!!! lol

  5. love that blouse! Wish I had a summer holiday to look forward to, I would absolutely be counting down the days already!

  6. Love that outfit! Thanks for the guest post!

  7. That outfit looks amazing on you! It is the perfect go-to.

  8. As always, you have the cutest outfits...

  9. You have the same favorite outfit as I do! Haha - love the blouse/skinnies/heels look! Btw you look gorgeous in your Lendperk dress!

    New Follower!


  10. Rachel is precious! We used to work together at Ole Miss! :)

  11. A nice, silky blouse and skinny jeans are my go-to outfit as well. Lovely!

  12. Awww thanks girlfrand! :)

    Your go-to outift is so beautiful! (as always!)

  13. Love that blouse, the color is beautiful!

  14. Loooooove your go-to outfit! But I'm on more of a beer budget when it comes to clothes. I tire of stuff way too easy! Ebay is my favorite!

  15. Your go to outfit is adorable. I have really been dying for a pair of nude pumps. Not sure if I could handle 5 inches though.

  16. Love your go to outfit. The color really makes it stand out!


  17. Love your outfit! That teal color is so pretty. :)

    xo – Sheila
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  18. I love a great button up shirt - I need more but am so picky! Yours is beautiful.

  19. i just posted a go to outfit on my blog too! love yours!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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