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Monday, July 22, 2013

Clothing Sale Linkup!

You all know that I love selling clothes that either don't fit me properly or I just don't wear anymore.  I wanted to try something different this time, and decided to see how a blog clothing sale would go.  All of the items listed below are for sale.  Most all of them have only been worn once or twice.  If you are a blogger, come shop the sale and linkup your clothing sale too (and email me for the html if you want to display it on your blog also), and if you're a reader, come shop the sale!  To buy something, just leave a comment with the item number, "sold" and leave your email address.  All prices include domestic shipping.  Then make sure to send you payment immediately to so I can mark it as sold on here.  If you have any questions about any of the items, you can leave me a comment with your email address, or you can email me also, and I'll be happy to answer.  I will be updating this list as things sale so everyone will know once an item is no longer available.  The linkup will be open for the next month, and I will be adding more items each week, so make sure to check back!  = )  Have you ever sold any items on your blog before?  I would love your opinion or any feedback, thanks!

1.  SOLD Old Navy Gingham Shorts Size 2.  Retail $30.  Price $15.

2.  SOLD Stylestalker Rebel Yell Faux Leather Shorts Size 6 but had them professionally taken in to a 4.  Retail $110.  Price $45.

3.  SOLD Forever 21 Coral Striped Hi Lo Blouse Size medium.  Retail $20.  Price $10.

4.  SOLD Loft Pink and Black Dolman Blouse Size XS.  Retail $50.  Price $25.

5.  SOLD H&M Black Suede Like Pumps Size 6 (Fit a 6.5).  Retail $30.  Price $17 $15.

6.  Ann Taylor Ponte Faux Leather Skirt Size 2.  Retail $80.  Price $40 $35.

7. SOLD Gap Oversized Dolman Tee Size XS.  Retail $50.  Price $20.

8. SOLD H&M Collarless Black Blazer Size 6.  Retail $30.  Price $20.

9. SOLD Anthropologie Dolman Blouse Size Small.  Retail $80.  Price $30.

10.  Impulse Boutique C. Luce Black Smocked Blouse Size Medium (would fit a small too.)  Retail $60.  Price $20. 

11.  J.Crew Black and Clear Bracelet.  Retail $60.  Price $25.

12.  SOLD J.Crew Colorful Pave Link Bracelet.  Retail $135.  Price $50.

13. SOLD J. Crew Squared Enamel Link Bracelet.  Retail $60.  Price $25.

14. SOLD Statement Necklace.  Retail $45.  Price $20.

15.  SOLD Franco Sarto Sandals Size 6.5.  Retail $70.  Price $25.

16.  SOLD Rachel Zoe Michelle Silk Dolman Blouse Brand New Size 6 (fits like a small in my opinion.)  Retail $250.  Price $50.

17.  SOLD Madewell Red and Black Checkered Plaid Silk Boyshirt Size S.  Retail $110.  Price $35.



  1. You're adorable! I love all of your clothes!


  2. This is great Laura! I will be participating when I get back to PHX in 2 weeks so I can upload some clothes as well! Good Luck on it all!


  3. I added my link, but it was just a link to my Poshmark not blog as I haven't used my blog in months so it is pretty boring :) Is that okay? Caroline

    1. awesome thanks! I will try and get more up on my poshmark tomorrow

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  5. This is such a great idea, Laura! I think I may have to copy you the next time I clean my closet. =)

    I hope you have a great week!


  6. waitttt hold onnnnn, you're a size 6.5 shoe size too????


    2. darn it you live too far for me to sneak into your closet!

  7. I also added a link to my poshmark...thanks for the linkup and I already have my "bows" ready for midnight! I may email you about that anthropologie blouse later on in the week if something of mine sells ;)

  8. Girl, if that black pencil skirt and the black blazer don't sell, I may need to try them on during my next visit down south! And I'm working on my post...


  9. I am going to have to link up tmrws post because i found some awesome deals this weekend!! LEt me know if you find a classy fun leather skirt for a good deal. im on a mission to find a cute one in a size 14 or XL

  10. So...Yeah...If you would maybe gain a few pounds then I'd buy all your shit! Better yet, have any of your old "fat" Laura clothes? LOL!


  11. wow, that was all cute.. very fashionable and compy to wear!

    if you have time, do please please visit this site.. you can post your stuff their too.. ^_^


  12. This is such a great idea girl!! Thanks for doing this!

  13. Such a great idea! I listed a bunch of stuff on my blog last week, but between that and Ebay it's all gone. I'll plan on digging out more stuff this weekend and hopefully I can link up!


  14. This is a great idea and exactly what I needed! Linking up soon!

  15. Hello! Is item 14 (the statement necklace) still available? Thank you!


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