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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Glitzy with It!

Happy Thursday ladies!  We're almost to Friday.  I can't wait!  I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all my schoolwork, hitting the gym, going to a Memphis Tigers basketball game and then hopefully Superbowling it up with my family (and hopefully my sweet nephews!)  Missed them since I was out of commission all last weekend.  

After being sick with the stomach virus last weekend, I was so ready to finally get out of the bed, actually take a shower and put on some cute clothes other than my boxers and Shane's t-shirts, so this is what I wore this Monday to work.  I got this gorgeous dress from Lendperk, and you'll hear more about them next Monday and have a chance to win a free month's rental of any of their dresses of your choice!  I work in a corporate environment and didn't want to get too crazy sparkly for work, so I threw on my favorite blazer and lots of beautiful bracelets.  Yall know I have a serious love of sequins and anything sparkly, so I'm always looking for ways to transition them from day to night without the people at work thinking I have crazy fashion sense.  This dress was just the perfect piece to get me through a Monday, and we ended up having gorgeous 70 degree weather so it was just perfect, and I easily could have worn it without the blazer that night to go out.  Wouldn't this be such a great dress for Valentine's Day too?  How do you like to incorporate a little glitz in your wardrobe?  Do you have your Valentine's Day outfit picked out yet?
Don't forget to enter both of my giveaways for a beautiful bracelet here and here.

Lauren Conrad Red Blazer.  $31.49 with code NEW1390.
Anthropologie Sequined Jacquard Dress via Lendperk.  You'll have a chance to win a free rental of any dress of your choice next Monday, so check back.
Happy Wrist Red Heart Bracelet.  $25, but win one free here.

Spike is a camera hog.  = )  He get it from his momma.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emerald + Pave Giveaway!

Giveaway CLOSED
Happy Hump Day!!  Well it's tornado season, so of course we have had some incredibly warm weather the last few days, but it will turn much colder later this week.  It was in the mid 70's yesterday - love it!  When I got home from work, the first thing trade out my pencil skirt for a pair of shorts.  Remember these shorts here from my January Wish List?  They are regularly $105, but I found them on eBay for $25 and used my eBay bucks to get them for free!  They were a size too big, but that's nothing that my handy dandy tailor can't fix for about $5, score.  It ended up being crazy windy later last night, but you better believe that didn't stop me from wearing my new shorts for the first time!!  Is it just me, or is that A LOT of green in the pictures below.  Yeah, we definitely didn't plan it out when we bought 4 green chairs after we already had our chaise, bench and umbrella in green.  Oops, live and learn I guess.  At least my top is a different color green - emerald.  This is probably my favorite color this year.  I have green eyes, so I always try to look for something in emerald green if I can to match my eyes.  I used to be so, so jealous of all those gorgeous blue-eyed people (and I still am a little bit), but I've learned to love my green eyes that I got from my mom.  She was probably getting sick of hearing me gripe about how I didn't get my dad's pretty blue eyes.  = )  Back to emerald green - did you know it is Pantone's color of the year for 2013?  So go ahead and stock up on some when you see it, because it will definitely be here to stay for a while.  I am picked out my Operation Red Emerald Bikini from J. Crew for this summer!  Don't forget to enter my Monday Giveaway here and pretty please enter my SIL's giveaway here, and let her know I sent you.  Please and thank you.  = )  And last but not least, don't forget to keep reading to enter for the new Pave Bracelet Giveaway today!

Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt.  On sale for $68.
Stylestalker Faux Leather Shorts.  $89.25 with code NOWWASTED.
Nixon Timeteller Black Tortoise Watch.  $150.  Last seen here.  This is my absolute favorite watch, worth every penny, I promise!!
Apple of My Eye Pave Bracelet.  $40.  Sold out, but check out their other styles here until they get this one back in stock.

After I got dressed in my summer gear, we headed over to Sekisui Midtown.  This is one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis!  Janessa, we need another date there pronto!  They have the best sushi in Memphis in my opinion.  I've been going there for about 11 years.  All of the Sekisui locations in Memphis are awesome, but this location is probably my favorite because I love the midtown area.  I wasn't too hungry so I started off with some clear soup.  It is mainly a broth with with scallions and mushrooms in it.  The best clear soup in Memphis though.  They're miso is pretty good too, but I prefer Blue Fin's - their sister restaurant. 

For my appetizer, I got sauteed shitake mushrooms.  I haven't had these in years, and they didn't disappoint.  So good.  They have a great buttery taste to them from sauteeing them in it.  They're a pretty decent size too.
For my entree, I got the Deluxe House Salad.  It is like their regular house salad, but much bigger and it has lump crab meat on it.  The ginger dressing is awesome too.  Shane ate lots of sushi; I was jealous but trying to lay off the rice.  If you come to Memphis and love Japanese food, I definitely recommend Sekisui.

Now for the giveaway!!!  This gorgeous pave bracelet is the most coveted bracelet this year.  J. Crew has them for $125, and they have sold out multiple times, but why spend $125 for one when there are other ones out there that are even bigger and prettier...and only $40?!  I happened to stumble upon Apple of My Eye Jewelry recently.  Nathalie Spicker is the owner of this Etsy shop, and she is seriously the best.  Please take a minute to follow her on Instagram here and let her know I sent you.  I am partnering with her today to bring you this fabulous giveaway.  You ladies will just love her and her beautiful jewelry.  Have you seen her beautiful Bauble Pendant Necklace on clearance for $3.99, what?!?!
To enter the giveaway:
1.  Make sure you are following me on GFC.  Click the Join this Site button on the right.
2.  Leave me a comment telling me you're entering for the giveaway! 
Though it's not required, it would be really cool of you if you'd follow Nathalie Spicker with Apple of my Eye Jewelry here on Instagram and let her know I sent you.  You can also add her Etsy shop to your favorites here.  = )  The contest will end this Saturday at 7:00pm CST so get crackin'! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fifty Shades of Red + Giveaway!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had some beautiful weather on Sunday, so I was finally able to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine and 60 degree weather.  I bought a pair of burgundy leggings a couple of weeks ago after being told that they are the perfect fitting leggings, and I can happily say they were absolutely right.  They are the perfect burgundy red color, are high-waisted and have just the perfect amount of stretch to them.  They aren't see-through at all either.  Believe me, they really suck you in too, and at only $20 they're well worth the money.  Keep reading below to enter the giveaway!   

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Windsor High Waisted Burgundy Leggings.  $20.61 after you sign up for email.
Now I'm dying to try their black high-waisted leggings too!
Diane von Furstenberg Tunisa Top.  Old.  Last seen here.
Nine West Hot in Here Pump.  $62.99.  Last seen here.
J. Crew Petal Bracelet.  Sold out.  Last seen here.


I told yall here that I've never cared much for wearing red, but I have been buying it like crazy lately.  I've even gotten Shane in on the trend, and he's never been a fan of red.  Maybe it's because of the big oxblood trend this fall and winter, but I eventually had to give in.  These are just a few of the different red items I've gotten this month.  Don't worry; you'll see me style them soon.  = )  What are your favorite red pieces you've added to your wardrobe?

Ily Coture Oh My Chic Sweatshirt. $55, but I got mine from Poshmark.  The most comfortable (and chic) sweatshirt I've ever owned!
Anthropologie Sequined Jacquard Dress.  $228.  Sold out, but you will have the chance to rent this dress for a month for free from Lendperk next week.  More on that next Monday.
J Crew Silk Blythe Blouse. $36 with code GET40.  A great classic you can wear year-round!
Ann Taylor Envelope Clutch. $48. If you have a student i.d. you'll save 20% off your full price purchase.  Is this not perfect for Valentine's Day?!

Madewell Silk Boyshirt in Checker.  A plaid silk...for under $50?  Sign me up!  Sold out.

Nine West Ivorie Pump. On sale for $29.99

And now to everyone's favorite part - the giveaway!  I just got these gorgeous bracelets in from Happy Wrist this week, and I can tell you they are just perfect!!  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, how could you not want one of these beauties?  You voted last week, and the majority chose red as the one I would be giving away this week.  To make it easy, all you need to do is 
1.  Make sure you're following me via GFC.
2.  Leave me a comment on this post.
I will randomly pick a winner and announce it next Monday.  To stick with the current Valentine's day theme, I'll be doing Valentine's giveaways every Monday and Wednesday for the next couple of weeks, so make sure you check back.  = ) 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pay It Forward + Giveaway Winner!

I've joined the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward!

The details: The first 5 people to comment with their email and blog address will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, a baked good, jewelry, music - a surprise in the mail! There will likely be no warning, and it will happen when the mood strikes me.

The catch: Those five people must make the same offer on their blog.

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Welcome new readers and thanks to everyone who gave me well wishes yesterday! The stomach virus is now offically gone. Still feeling a little weak (though not too weak to go shopping today), but much, much better. I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments, so thanks for keeping me entertained while I spent the last 30 hours in bed. : )

I feel bad for not doing much of a post yesterday, so I decided to do another quick post today. 2 short posts equal 1 long one, right?!

I've told y'all that I'm having some awesome giveaways over the next few weeks. This beauty is coming up this Monday, and I thought I would let you pick the gorgeous prize. So which one would you prefer for the giveaway on Monday - red or green?

I want to announce the winner of the Adel Amor Cosmetics Face Cream giveaway. And the winner is...
Paige!!!  Congratulations and please email me for details!

My sweet honey who took care of me yesterday. : ) Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Walking in Memphis in Flats

Happy Hump Day ladies!!  Thank you all for linking up yesterday!!  I got some great ideas!  I had completely forgotten about places such as JC Penney, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for workout gear, and I'm definitely going to check them out.  Today's post is going to be pretty random as usual.  For all my Memphis people out there, if you're looking for a good, unique workout, have you tried ClimBridges?  It is in downtown Memphis.  They are open one Friday each month from 6:00 to 9:00pm.  The cost is only $15, and you get to climb their indoor rock wall and rope course as much as you want for the night.  Shane and I have done it a couple times, and it's a lot of fun.  My arms were shaking by the time I finished from using muslces in my arms that aren't used as often.  You can find more information here.

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I was off Monday for MLKJ Day, so Shane, my mom, my sister and I finally ventured out to Texas de Brazil to celebrate me passing my CBF.  I won't bore you with all the details, but it's a certification for people in the Credit field.  It's the second of my certifications for work, and I will be taking my last one this May in Vegas.  It ended up being sunny that day but really chilly so we bundled up, and I actually wore flats since I wasn't sure how much walking we would be doing.  And don't worry, I did explain to Shane the montrosity of wearing his Nike's with jeans, and he usually doesn't make this mistake 99.99% of the time.  Side note, but Shane just started rolfing this week, and he is finally going to take my advice and try low to no support minimalist running shoes!!  I'm crossing my fingers that he'll get used to them and love them.  He's been wear bricks Nike's for his ENTIRE life!  I usually try to eat at more locally owned restaurants and not chain restaurants just to help support Memphis, but oh my goodness Texas de Brazil is so good.  It is one of my favorite restaurants.  I was worried I would go crazy in there and stuff myself with all their good food, but this time I actually tried a different tactic.  I did go to the salad bar first and fix my plate with with some brussel sprouts, olives, artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes.  As soon as I got back to the table, I immediately turned my card over to green so the gauchos would start bringing out the meat.  At first my family thought I was crazy and told me I'd be full in no time, but I think doing this turned out much better.  I actually ate my meat and vegetables together like a real meal instead of filling up on the salad bar first and then trying to stuff myself with meat afterwards just to make sure I got my money's worth (yeah, that's what she said.)  I ended up getting comfortably full, and that is probably the first time that has ever happened at Texas de Brazil!  If you've never been to one of their locations, you pay one price for all you can eat salad bar (which has much, more more than just salad), a huge variety of meats, fried bananas and mashed potatoes.  Since we went at lunch, dessert was included too.  Since I've been doing really well on sticking with my paleo/primal diet, I skipped all the starches and the dessert, and I don't feel deprived.  Especially since I got as much sirloin and veggies that I wanted.  I'm definitely a meat, fruit and veggie kind of girl anyways.  What are your favorite restaurants to eat at?
Ann Taylor Two Tone Gator.  Sold out.  Last seen here.
Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt.  $89.99.  Other colors on sale TODAY ONLY for $48 with code ANN50! 
Banana Republic Wool Coat.  Old, but similar one here for $111.99 with code BRSHOP30.
Banana Republic Heritage Skinny Jeans.  Old, but similar style here for $62.65 with code BRSHOP30.
Coach Dora Flats.  On sale for $69.  Last seen here.
When I was leaving the house that day, I stalked spotted this lady with a yorkie in my neighborhood, and I just had to get a picture because I loved the background of the buildings downtown and the lighting.  Thank goodness I don't think she could hear too well because she never looked back as I was creeping up on her in my Tahoe (with Flowmasters on it!)  Apparently the yorkie heard me though.  = )
Don't forget about the giveaway for the Stella & Dot Earrings here. This giveaway is open to anyone and ends tonight at 9:00pm CST.  Also, I haven't heard back from the winner of the Loft bracelet, so make sure to check here to see if you won. If I don't hear anything, a new winner will be announced tomorrow morning along with the winner of these beautiful earrings.

For my Memphis people, don't forget to enter the giveaway here for the Adel Amor Cosmetics Face Cream.  Adel Amor is a local makeup and skincare company from Memphis.  This giveaway ends this Friday at 6:00pm CST. 

And last but not least, don't forget to check out the Poshmark Party I'm hosting tonight from 9:00 to 11:00pm CST.  Poshmark is a free app available on iPhone and iPad for shopping and selling clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.  Enter code HJBVX to get a $5 credit to shop with!  Do you shop or sell online or via iPhone apps?  Was this post random enough for you? 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Running Gear Linkup with Mel + Running Calendar

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Good morning ladies!!  Today Mel and I are linking up to talk about our Favorite Running Gear!  I have a few brands that I love and trust, but only for specific items.  I can't stand Nike shoes because I feel like I'm wearing boats, so I always get New Balance.  When it comes to my running clothes though, Nike is what I wear the most.  I wear all of the clothes below for running, working out, biking, hiking or rock clocking.  I just try to make sure I have pretty form-fitting clothing for the most part so nothing baggy gets stuck on a jagged rock or in a bike chain.  Oh yeah, and don't forget to enter the giveaways this week here and here.  Last week's winner of the Loft Bracelet was Amanda Holley.  You have until through this Wednesday to email me to claim your bracelet before I draw a second name.  Thanks!  

In the winter time, my favorite pants are the Nike Legend Tights.  $40.  When I bought them a couple of years ago, I think they were closer to $60.  They were a little more than I wanted to spend, but they were worth every penny.  Any time I run in weather lower than about 50 degrees, I wear them.  I've definitely got my money's worth, and they don't slide down when I run.  I also love the wide waistband on them so they don't dig into my stomach.  They hit just a little bit below my knees and are the perfect length so I don't get too hot or trip on them.  They also have this great seam on the butt that is really flattering and makes you look like you had a butt lift.  Also be sure to check and see if you have a Nike Outlet near you.  We have one here in Memphis, and I try to make a trip there every few months.  A lot of times they have sales on top of the already marked down prices, so be sure to call before you go to see.

The pink top in the first picture is the Under Armour Hotshot Heatgear Long Sleeve Top.  It is by far my new favorite long sleeve running top!  On Sale for $23.98.  I got this top a couple of years ago also, and I think it was $50.  Once again, it hurt handing the cashier that much money for a running top, but I did have a Sport's Authority coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase.  Make sure you check their weekly ad or website because they almost always offer coupons.  This top fits like a glove.  I think I actually had to size up to a medium because it ran pretty small.  Even though it's tight, it's pretty thick so it will really hold you in well and will definitely keep you warm.  Plus no one will miss you when you're running on the road in this hot pink top.  Trust me, it is MUCH brighter in person.  = )  I'm also wearing the Nike tights mentioned in that same picture.

The Nike Victory Jacket is my favorite running jacket.  Old, but they have one on eBay here for $24.99.  It is very stetchy but thick enough to keep you warm.  I love the pockets on this too.

Now onto the summer gear.  My summer running uniform usually consists of my Nike Tempo Shorts and a tank top.  On Sale for $20.99.  The Tempo shorts are the only ones I ever run in.  They are very comfortable and are the perfect length.  Also, they don't ride up or chaffe.  When it comes to tops, I usually either wear a cotton tank top or a moisture wicking short sleeve race shirt.  I've got dozens from the races I've done, so I wear those and don't buy any extra running shirts.  I don't mind wearing cotton shirts if they're sleeveless, but if they have sleeves, they've got to be moisture wicking.  I used to run in cotton t-shirts all the time, but now you couldn't pay me to.  I just get too hot, and they stick to me.

I also love these New Balance Shorts.  $24.  They have a thick waistband and have the perfect inseam at 3 inches.  I have these shorts, and I wear them to bike in and to run in.  If you're biking under about 30 miles, then these shorts are perfect to transition from running to biking.  If you're biking further, I definitely recommended getting padded bike shorts.  They really do make all the difference. 
The only sports bra I ever buy anymore is the Victoria's Secret VSX Supermodel Racerback Sports Bra. On Clearance for $19.99.  I usually have a problem finding good, supportive sports bras that actually work.  I was the weirdo in high school who wore double sports bras.  Well not anymore, this one actually works no matter how much running I do.

I've also been dying to try the Victoria's Secret VSX Knockout Sports Bra.  On Clearance for $24.99.  It look a lot like the other VSX bra, but I believe this one has an underwire and it zips up the front.  I think it would be so nice to just be able to unzip it to take it off when you're all sweaty, so you don't have to pull it over your head.  Plus, I love that it reminds me of the 90's.  = )

Incase Armband for iPhone 5.  $32.04 at Amazon.  This is my favorite iPhone armband.  I had the same exact one for my iPhone 4s and gave it to Shane when he got his iPhone 4s  When I got my new 5, I bought the same exact armband.  It stays up pretty well and I've never had an issue with sweat going through the band.  It has a flap that goes over the phone too, so it feels secure.  I originally had a Belkin and I was constantly scared that the phone would fall out since I put mine in upside down so I can read the screen when I look over at my arm.  I even bought one for my SIL Lindsey for Christmas, so she'll have to give you her review on it too.  What's your favorite running gear? 

I've mentioned before that I do at least 15 races per year.  Below is my race calendar through April of this year.  I also added it to my right sidebar and will update it throughout the year with my times too.  I've been slacking on putting races on my calendar for this year, but I finally sat down and did some of it.  I've ran every single one of these races anywhere between 1-5 times over the years with the exception of the Go St. Louis Half.  It will be my first time doing that one; can't wait Janessa, Lora, Lindsey, Mel and Holly!  Is anyone else making the trek to St. Louis to do this run?  Are any of my Memphis friends going to do some of these other Memphis area runs?

My Race Calendar for the First Quarter of 2013
1.  Valentine's Day 10K               2/09/13           9:00am
2.  Move it Memphis 5K               2/16/13          10:00am
3.  Chucalissa 5K                         3/02/13          9:00am
4.  Germantown 5K                      3/17/13          7:30am
5.  Go St. Louis Half Marathon    4/07/13           7:00am
6.  Rebel Run 5K                         4/21/13           9:00am
7.  Eyeopener 5K                         5/04/13           9:00am

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ivory Closet + Adel Amor Cosmetics Giveaway

Happy MLKJ Day everyone!!!  This is my first year to get this holiday off work, so I'm excited to be spending my day at home.  I'm also excited because I have a great giveaway for the ladies in the Memphis area this week.  The owner of the Ivory Closet in Harbor Town has graciously agreed to give away a container of Adel Amor Cosmetics face cream to one of my lucky readers this week.  To enter all you need to do is make sure you're following me via GFC and leave me a comment saying you're following me and entering for the Memphis area giveaway.  The giveaway will run through this Friday at 6:00pm CST, and the winner will be drawn randomly.  For the ladies outside of the Memphis area, don't worry, you can still enter for this giveaway through this Wednesday at 9:00pm CST.  Don't forget to check below to see if you were the winner in last week's giveaway!  Also, Mel and I are having a linkup tomorrow on our favorite running gear! 

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Alexandra Nicole is the owner of the Ivory Closet.  She has been a makeup artist for 11 years and has owned her own cosmetic and skincare line for 6 years called Adel Amor CosmeticsShe has been styling her friends closets and outfits for years and has always been drawn to fashion.  Alexandra likes the classic Jackie-O look but has styles in the boutique to meet everyone's taste.  What I love most about the clothes in the Ivory Closet is that they are very trendy and well-made, but still very reasonably priced.  She also carries her cosmetic line in the store and gifts such as candles, scarves and jewelry.   

The Ivory Closet just opened in Downtown Memphis about 3 months ago.  Alexandra has lived downtown for a while but hated to drive all the way to the mall for gift, beauty, and fashion items.  She opened The Ivory Closet Boutique with the idea that you don't have to leave downtown to get your clothing, skincare, makeup, bodycare or gift items.  She worked for corporate America ever since she graduated college but knew that she was meant to be an entrepreneur. She finally decided to take the plunge and start her dream now! Hence The Ivory Closet Boutique and Beauty Studio was born.  Check out my beautiful dress I'm wearing from there!

 Dress.  The Ivory Closet.  $62.
Nine West Hot in Here Pumps.  $62.99.  Last seen here.


The winner of the last week's giveaway for the Loft Gunmetal Bracelet is......
Amanda Holley!  Congratulations, and please email me for details.  Thanks for entering everyone!