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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Style the Bump - Before & After Baby

Today I am teaming up with Jen from Fashionably Employed, Niki from Glossy Blonde and Lauren from Fizz & Frosting.  We wanted to show you how each of us style the bump both before and after the baby comes.  I am 28 weeks pregnant and have 12 more weeks to go (please fly by!)  Everyone has such a different style.  Some prefer more form-fitting pieces, some looser pieces, some more casual pieces and some dressier pieces.  It is so much fun seeing all the different ways to dress both during and after pregnancy.  It is also great inspiration for me!  I have loved looking at other photos of women while pregnant to get some great ideas of how I can dress too.  This has been such a different phase of my life, and it can be hard to figure out what to wear and what actually works with your body type.  I am learning slowly but surely and figure I will probably really get it down at about 40 weeks.  = )  What do you think about each of our different styles?  I LOVE that we all wore stripes and didn't even plan it! 


  1. All you ladies look absolutely gorgeous! Love your style!

  2. So cute. I love my bump but I can't wait to be in normal clothing :)


  3. What a fantastic post, Laura. 4 of my favorite blogging ladies in one post rocking stripes. I adore your orange top and the striped tote is the best. You are glowing!!

    I too am wearing stripes (and red) today. =)

    Enjoy the weekend Pretty Lady! <3 Ada.

  4. you are the cutest pregnant mamma ever.

  5. This is a great concept for a post. I would have never thought about post bump styling. These are all great ideas that I hope I don''t have to use any time soon.

  6. Looking lovely, dont i just love your bag


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