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Monday, August 24, 2015

I Hate Running

Thread Tank Shirt c/o // Boob Design Leggings c/o //Boob Design Nursing Sports Bra c/o // New Balance Shoes c/o // The Home T Hat c/o // Nixon Watch c/o
Like most people out there I have a love hate relationship with running.  Cue the I hate running tee from Thread Tank.  Now if only it said I love running on the back.  I hate to set aside the time to run, but I love it once I finally start running again.  I've always been that way, and I probably will.  I still mostly try to run on my lunch breaks since moms know that we don't get breaks to run once we get home from work (only dads get breaks.)  = )  I've been traveling for work a lot lately so I've only been able to run once or twice a week, but when I do, I try to wear something comfortable and something fun or bright.  It really is true that putting on your workout clothing is half the battle.  Once I have my running clothes on, I don't mind going to run.  And it makes it much easier to want to put them on when they comfy and cute.  Today I wore the softest pair of running leggings from Boob Design paired with their nursing sports bra (genius by the way!)  It made it super convenient to pump on my lunch break afterwards.  And to top it off, I wore my new Home T hat.  I cannot seem to get into running with sunglasses on, so a hat is my go-to when it's really sunny.  I've got 2 5K's coming up next month and can't wait to run with Leighton in the jogging stroller.  Any tips for running with baby in the stroller for the first time?  She loves being walked in it so I'm hoping she will like it.  = )  Happy Monday ladies!! 


  1. That t-shirt is perfect! I also tend to hate running, but once I am at it and finishing it feels so good, so I really should make more of an effort :)

  2. Ha that tee is great! And so accurate!

  3. I am a walker, always wanted to run but this body just doesn't configure... love the tee though

  4. I hate it too but trying to get better. That shirt may help :)

  5. I think I need this shirt! I seriously hate running, and will do anything to avoid it. Cute outfit!

    xo, Summer

  6. I love, love, love this t-shirt! I wish that I could motivate myself to work out...I would love to hear any workout tips that you have :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. Love/Hate relationship with working out in general! Showing up is half the battle for sure!


  8. I'm with you on running, I hate thinking about doing it, but I love it when I actually get it done. This shirt is perfect.



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