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Monday, October 10, 2016

Casual Grays

On Me:  Jeans // Tee c/o // Hoodie c/o
 On Leighton:  Pants // Tee c/o // Boots c/o

Happy...grumpy...happy...grumpy.  Those toddler emotions though.  = )  We actually did get a few pictures of Leighton smiling, but Sunday was all about ups and downs, and how appropriate with her wearing her Loved by Hannah & Eli grumpy bear tee.  We did lots of babywearing, eating out and playing together this weekend since I was out of town for work all week.  Even with a little grumpiness here and there, we had the best weekend.  What did everyone else end up doing this weekend?

I actually bought Shane the exact same grumpy bear tee that Leighton has.  = )  On Sunday, I wore my favorite mama bear tee to twin with my grumpy bear paired with the new Brilla in slate gray hoodie.  The Brilla has actually one of my favorite Evy's Tree hoodies for a while now, so I was excited when I saw it was coming out in slate gray.  I love a good neutral especially for those cool fall nights.  It's the perfect casual layering piece for day or night.  Come fall and winter, you will find me in a tee and hoodies most weekends.  And did you know that Honey by Evy's Tree just released the same Brilla hoodie in a kids size version?  Now my hoodie addiction is just going to be twice as expensive.  = )  Hope everyone has a great Monday!     


  1. Such adorable little tees!

  2. Love Evys Tree! They make such comfy hoodies! Being a mom of too I can appreciate comfort!

  3. I love this neutral Evy's Tree sweatshirt! The ruffles are too cute! xo

  4. Love that Mama Bear shirt! So cute!!!

  5. It's the cutest "grumpy bear" I've ever seen! SO ADORABLE!!!

  6. This probably has to be the cutest thing on the internet!! Those corresponding tees are seriously the cutest. Happy Monday lady!

  7. Such a pretty mom and daughter look!

  8. Y'all look just darling. These tee's are just the cutest!!!

  9. You have the BEST hair! And Leighton is the most adorable girl ever! Love this post!

    xo, Shelby


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