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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

10 Ways to Give Thanks this Year

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With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I thought today would be the perfect time to slow down and relax and let others know how thankful we are for them in our lives.  We should really do this everyday, but I know life just gets in the way.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to give thanks, and I'm sharing my 10 favorite ways to below.

1.  Send a handwritten note in the mail with Bond.  Nothing really quite compares to receiving good old snail mail.  Saying thank you via text message will just never have the same effect. is a really cool app that lets write and send handwritten notes on premium stationary straight from your phone.  Just a few days later, it will be delivered on your friend's or family's members front door.  I love sending letters in the mail, and I love receiving them just as much.  But with everyone's crazy work schedules, the hectic holidays, and mom life, we don't always have the time to sit down and write a handwritten letter.  But let's face it, we always have our phones with it.  It just took a few seconds to type up a note and send it.  I sent one to mom last week, and she absolutely loved it.  She even called me to thank me.  Show people how much they mean to you everyday (not just on holidays) with Bond.

2.  Donate to a worthwhile cause in a special person's name.  Whether you donate $50 to LeBonheur or the American Canncer Society, do it in the name of someone who you really care about.  It will make it feel even that much more special.

3.  Have flowers delivered to someone you appreciate for no reason at all.  Flowers shouldn't just be for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day.  They should be for anytime.  I love keeping fresh flowers in the house weekly, and I'm sure most people would love to receive them too.

4.  Pay it forward.  Put some extra quarters in the meter or pay for the person's coffee or food behind you in the drivethru line.  It will be completely unexpected and make their day.

5.  Volunteer your time.  Whether you are feeding the homeless, picking up litter at the park or helping your neighbor rake their leaves, do something good for someone else that doesn't benefit you.  It actually feels much better doing things for others than it does for ourselves. 

6.  Cook dinner or a dessert and deliver to a friend, family member or neighbor.  Why should you only do this when people give birth or have surgery?  Show people how much you mean to them everyday for no special reason.

7.  Donate some of your kid's toys, and have them join in on picking out which ones to donate.  This may be a little hard when they're young because they don't quite understand, but as they get older, it will be something they can feel proud of.

8.  Make crafts with your kids like painting acorns or gluing leaves in shapes and send them to family members to display.

9.  Always take a hostess gift to any get togethers you go to.  A bottle of wine, a wine holder, a cheese cutting board.  After all the hard work a hostess puts into having a get together, this will mean so much to them.

10.  At dinner, write down one thing you're thankful for each night and display them around the house.  You can read them each night to see how much you have to be thankful for.
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  1. I absolutely LOVE sending hand written notes! They are way more personal and you know you are going to make someone smile!

    xo Kelsey |

  2. Love these ideas! Good things to remember this time of year!

    xo, kate

  3. Love each idea! I need to check this brand out further!


  4. Love all of these ideas! Especially donating in someones name.. The perfect gift for the person who already has everything! So special! xo

  5. Great ideas! It's always so nice to be able to show appreciation,

  6. I love all these ideas!! Way to spread the positivity and love. Thanks for sharing!

  7. There really is nothing like receiving a handwritten note!

    By Lauren M

  8. I love sending and receiving handwritten notes! We also did a big closet clean-out and gave away a bunch of clothes. Loving these ideas. <3
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  9. I swear, they are coming out with some of the most creative apps these days!! I will be using bond FOR SURE!! Brilliant idea!! XOXO

  10. Nothing like a hand-written note! xo Liz

  11. Such a great post! I love handwritten notes!

  12. I love handwritten notes and these things are so good to remember to remember around the holiday season!

  13. Handwritten notes are so thoughtful!


  14. I'm so glad we aren't ditching the art of the handwritten note!

  15. Love these ideas! A hand written note is so special to me!!

  16. Wonderful or this time of year! I love donating clothes and it gives em the chance to clean out my closet and do something nice. Love the Bond app and how easy it makes snail mail!

  17. I love this time of year, it always feels good to give back!


  18. I wrote something very similar with bond :)



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