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Friday, March 10, 2017

The 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time

This post is sponsored by Persil, but all opinions are 100% my own.
The 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time by Walking in Memphis in High Heels
On Me:  Dress c/o // Shoes c/o // Ring c/o
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Let's face it.  Being a mom is a job as tough as they come.  Working all day.  Cooking dinner.  Doing the laundry.  Playing the chauffeur.  Cleaning the house.  The list goes on and on.  It's also the best job in the world.  But I would be lying if I said it was easy.  Today I'm sharing 5 of my favorite mom hacks with you on how  to save time and hopefully make all of our jobs just a little bit easier! ☺

1.)  Stick a plastic hook on the back of your child's high chair to hang their bib on.  Now it will be right where you need it when you need it!

2.)  Store your child's play-doh in a k-cup carousel.  Genius!  They can easily find the colors they want, and it will look pretty cool too!

3.)  I use this one quite a bit!  Put a foil cupcake liner underneath your child's popsicle to catch all the drippings!

4.)  Cut a sticker in half and put each half on the inside sole of the shoe so they can just line up the sticker to make it form a shape and know when shoes goes on which side.  I love this one.  We just recently did it.  The only trick is to make sure your toddler doesn't just want to pull off all the stickers hahaha!

5.)  And my personal favorite because toddler toys can get so gross.  Use a laundry bag to put your child's toys in, and throw them in the washer along with your laundry detergent.  When they're finished washing, just lay them out outside to dry.  Boom!  Clean toys.   

When it comes to being a mom, I need all the time saving tips and tricks I can get!  There is just never enough time, but dinner has to be served, baths have to be taken and laundry has to be cleaned.  We have tried so many different laundry detergents since Leighton was born.  But what I'm starting to notice as she gets older is that the same ones that worked fine earlier don't always do the trick later.

Leighton still has sensitive skin so we need something delicate enough for her skin.  But now that she's older, her messes are twice as big, and we need something strong.  It's hard to find a detergent that is strong enough for stains but gentle enough for sensitive skin too.

We recently started using Persil ProClean a month ago and have been so impressed with it!  Since we started using it, we have noticed less irritation on Leighton's skin and cleaner clothing.  And they are stain free and odor free!

Make sure you check here for some great Persil coupons!  I used a $2 coupon and picked up Persil ProClean for such a great deal at Walmart.  You definitely don't have to sacrifice on quality just because you're getting a good deal.  And make sure you check out the new Persil Pro10 in stores now.  Have you tried Persil ProClean yet?  What are your favorite mom hacks to save time?

The 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time by Walking in Memphis in High Heels
The 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time by Walking in Memphis in High Heels
The 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time by Walking in Memphis in High Heels
The 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time by Walking in Memphis in High HeelsThe 5 Mom Hacks in How to Save Time by Walking in Memphis in High Heels


  1. I've been hearing alot about Persil. I need to try it. Does it come in HE? Love those dresses!

  2. Great tips! I've been hearing about that detergent a lot recently!

  3. You two look adorable! I love that red gingham on you.

    xo, Amanda |

  4. Such great tips especially with a toddler!


  5. So many great tips here! As a busy working mom myself I can never find enough time in the day. I love the shoe tip especially! And by the way, you look adorable in that dress and your daughter is so cute!

  6. Elegant even when taking care of the house! Thank you for your example and inspiration.

    Aline Brodbeck | My Instagram profile

  7. These are great tips! Definitely passing these along to my friends who have toddlers!

    Greta |

  8. These are such great tips and your daughter is the cutest!

  9. Y'all are so darn cute babe! Love these tips!

  10. Saving these tips for the future! They are so good! xx

  11. i've been wanting to test out that detergent... i've heard SUCH great things about it, too!!

  12. you two are so cute! I will have to try this detergent!


  13. Bookmarking this for being a mom someday...awesome hacks girlfriend. I've also never used Persil!

    Coming Up Roses


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